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For the last 30 years, our company is proud to be offering a variety of first class services regarding Acoustic applications as well as Sound Insulation Studies and Constructions employing the latest technology.

In the following electronic diagram you can see clearly how many different sound sources exist in the real world as well as their consequences.

Our company handles all kinds of sites and all types of sound sources in the most professional way, providing a full package of sound related services in order to assist you with your problem quickly, efficiently and economically.

Take advantage of our special offer and solve your problem in the most appropriate way for you!


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Our company is approved for the measurement and certification of sound insulation in areas of health interest, where they use musical instruments and have mechanical equipment. To measure the sound insulation from music, we can offer you the following services: The measurements in file, from the approved sound level meter, for each necessary side of each store. You will need floor plans (in autocad) of the shops. A report with our remarks, for each store, so that in a future renovation, it can be taken into account. Costing of future constructions, if requested by you. Certificate of sound insulation. With the help of noise pollution measurements, we can control the noise from the air conditioners and motors, in branches where you wish. The measurements from 150 € to 350 €. Exhibition with our observations from 200 €, construction costing from 100 €. Measurements in air conditioning units from 100 €. In the case where you want an offer for the construction cost of the sound insulation of a space, we can immediately measure it and give you our financial offer for the implementation of the sound insulation. Whether it’s mechanical equipment or music. In our office we also have a special room with door exhibition, where you can find out the percentage of sound insulation of each door.