• Sound assimilation software (EASE).

  • Real-time noise control in pink noise: MILSSA, ACO.

  • Echometer (Bedrock SM 90 IEC 60268-16 rev 4, IEC 61672, Class 1, ANSI S14 Type 1) (Echometer with sound measure).

  • Echometer Lutron SL4001 (Echometer with sound measure).

  • Anechoic Cabin (soundproofing materials control, quality noise control, speaker performance control).

Virtual acoustic

Pioneer in sound in cooperation with the Polytechnic University of Patras

Always one step ahead in new technologies, our company in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Patras can perform a sound simulation of a site using VIRTUAL ACOUSTIC. Using this method the customer can observe a simulation of his site and understand how our proposed solutions will address the gtiven problem at his site. In other words, the user feels like being himself inside the place listening to a demo of the sound in different points of audience. As a result he can connect the sound (sound demos) with the image ( virtual acoustical environment) and he can get a more realistic perception for the acoustic results and the sound insulation results at his site.
To get more information and demos on Virtual Acoustic don’t hesitate to visit the web site of the AudioGroup of the Wire Communications Laboratory, University of Patras.